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Another Uh Oh on Win 10


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According to this article here, been a bug spotted in the Insider Build that some Pro users were downgraded to Home users.

The article did say that some users that had fresh installs of Win 10 also experienced this as well. Don't know if they were apart of the Insider's Build or not.

While it is mainly in the Insider's Build now, it may or may not still get into the wild (even if it's just at a much less occurrence rate).

Has their "October" update even been re-released yet? Speaking of bugs that made it from the Insider's Build to the wild.

Now, this is somewhat similar to what my dad had to deal with back in April. But he just had his computer deactivated (not downgraded) and that also affected MS branded programs as well for him.

You know, when it came to updating, I had more sympathy with MS compared to Apple back in the day. They all have had their issues a time or two (and Apple still does), but MS (at least in my opinion back then) had the "issue" of a multitude of hardware/software combinations that they just couldn't foresee every one. Apple had/still does have greater control of that. Once MS "forced" updates when connected online (unless you do some 3rd party work around, which has it's own implications), all sympathy went out the window with me (as well as my use of Windows on bare metal).

Anyway, I just thought I would mention it here as I'm sure there are a lot of Win Pro users here. Just something to keep mindful. May not happen, but better to be prepared then not.