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Any idea what this funky font might be?


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I use Swiss 721 for the bottom tag line. I'm having hard time IDing the name on the top. Any ideas? Thanks.


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Pippin Decals

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Check these out.There could be multiple fonts used here, Especially the O looks like Oregon Font. I think they were stretched etc to get the final look tho.
The F is - stay in square (Regular)
T- Beorcana Micro Pro (Bold) ---------- but modified to get the curve,Simple to do.
W- Logotypia Pro (Regular) ------- But modified as needed.
O - JasmineUPC (Bold) -----Maybe modded a little
R- Helvetica Neue (Bold) ------ with some modding
X - Unica (Regular) ------ ?????

Best i could do unless someone else on the pro level jumps in lol.
Are you trying to just find the font or re-make the image?
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I'm trying to vectorize the logo. I guess I'm gonna trace the "X", which looks like Under Armor's logo. I hope the owner won't mind if I make it slightly less childish. :)