Need Help Any Printhead Experts Out There?


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I am having a printhead output issue with my Mutoh 1204 and I wanted to see if there is anyone that might recognize the symptoms.
I did not notice this before, but when I use a magnifying glass to look at the Nozzle Check I discovered something interesting. My issue involves only the Cyan color. If you look at a nozzle check you are seeing output from eight sets of nozzles, two sets for each color. Most of the lines are horizontal, but if you look closely there are vertical lines on the leading and trailing edges, and separating the sets of nozzles. With the magnifying glass I can see the vertical lines are almost non-existent for the Cyan color while the horizontal lines are all good. With the horizontal lines each nozzle fires in sequence, but for a vertical line they must all fire at the same time for a very short period of time Maybe an ink pressure issue?
Can anyone explain how it is that the nozzles appear to be working but it fails to produce the vertical lines??


That would be very difficult. Even in person with my eyes I have to use a magnifying glass and bright light to see the details. I don't think I own a camera capable of capturing such a precise close-up image.
You would be surprised at the detail a cell phone can pick up. Set it to the highest quality, and take the pic into Photoshop to enlarge and fiddle to get the print to show up.


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UPDATE: I decided that the best course of action was to install a new print head. That solved the issue so obviously the head went bad from age or too many head strikes.