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Anyone do Rotary Engraving?

Matthew Scher

New Member
I posted this on the SAi (Scanvec Amiable) forum did get some interest in beta testing. Anyone here interested?

SA International is about to begin beta testing of a new Flexi product for rotary engraving.

We are looking for users that are willing to particpate in the beta test. Participation will enable you to get a first look at the new product and to offer your expertise on how to improve it.

Beta Requirements
1. You must be using Windows 2000 or Windows XP
2. You need to own a copy of Flexi 7.x or 8.0
3. You own a rotary engraver

If you are interested in participating then send an email to beta@scanvecamiable.com. In the email include your Flexi user number (found on the key), the model engraver you use, the software you currently use to drive the engraver, and your contact information.

Matthew Scher
Director of Product Management