Anyone else use AT Inks?

We have been using AT Inks for about a year now and have had pretty good luck from them. Good color and only $69 a cartridge. Some cartridges would not tell the printer they were empty. They then came out with a plug and play ink for Roland and we swapped to it. Everything was even better. Then I noticed a package change on their cyan ink and the next thing we know cyan is no longer printing. Call them and they send more cyan ink, still no print. Changed dampers, printhead manifold (had a broken tip), clipped the ends of the lines where the brass bezels clamp to dampers, and still nothing. Ended up ordering two cyans from Roland Dealer and swapped out dampers 4 more times to clean everything up and get printing again. We don't go through enough ink to save enough to justify the parts and tech time in the course of a year to justify the lower price of ink. We had to pay about $2800 in labor and parts to get the printer working again. So I guess I'm just curious if anyone else uses them or have had similar issues...

Thanks Bobby, I'll keep you in mind however I have already talked to Intoprint Tech on the issue... but if they fall through I will call you next.