Anyone getting dented rolls from Oracal?


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Has anyone else received any Oracal digital media, cast or cal, with this weird pattern of dents in it like something was stacked on top?


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Our last roll of 3651 clear has some random black specs embedded in it. 2 or 3 rolls of 3M IJ180c V3 ago, there was a whole intact fly trapped between the vinyl and the backer. Print, laminated, and installed it, and you couldn't even tell. I hate working with clear vinyl, its so hard to color match and the tiniest imperfection shows.


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Does your box say made in Germany?

3105ht at least isn't being made in USA due to covid hitting the plant hard.... So they're bringing it in from Germany now. I imagine other vinyls are the same.... So a much longer way to travel, which means more dents or crushed boxes.


Only on rolls delivered by UPS or Fedex...