Anyone have experience with canopies?

Had one of our customers ask us if we could recover a canopy. Wont have pictures for a few days as the job is hr away from us. They said it was 21' long, metal frame, metal ribs every 2', came out about 4" from building then curled down about 3' over door and walkway. Is there material w/seam tape that you can place over the frame and shrink wrap to fit? Any suppliers you could recommend.


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With seam tape??? No. But I'd suggest just re-skinning it with Cooley or Sunbrella. If you have the frame it is no different than the way it was originally made. Just get the material (which ever you decide on), unroll it over the frame to get a length (go too long vs. too short on your overages - it will make it sooo much easier to just trim it later), and start fastening. You just got to make sure to stretch it very tight or it will look like some dog poops! (Take a look at some awnings in your area and see how they mount the fabric - you may be surprised on how simple it is.... ;)

Good luck!