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Anyone have this?


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I have someone who wants to replace a couple of small factory decals on thier boat. They aren't able to provide a digital photo or anything.
The boat is a "Sun Runner" 310 from the mid to late eighties, so i need Sun Runner and possibly the 310 as well.
I've Googled it to death and come up with nothing. (the logo on the sun runner site is a newer one - the one I'm after is apparently a script of some sort).



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I just did an eBay search in case someone might be selling one of these boats. hehe....you can thank me later! :wink:

Google this: "Sun Runner 310 eBay" and click on the first one. However, it's very small....but you can see what it sorta looks like.



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Thanks. I just found this (super low-res of course).....anybody recognise the font?

I know I know it, but I don't!


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