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TX Anyone Interested? Colored Vinyl Banner


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I believe most of it was Key, Bantex, or USA Banner. I honestly have no idea. It may be in the tubes. It's been years since we've purchased any of that. We get calls from local vendors asking to sell bits of it.

5ft+ roll of yellow, green, red, and dark blue.
3ft+ roll of black, yellow, and red.
2ft+ roll of yellow, blue, black, and burgundy.

Still works great for cut vinyl. I have not attempted to print, but these were right on the edge of the extinction of colored banner, and some were said to be printable. HOWEVER, I highly doubt it.

PM me an offer. Owner has a number in mind and it's pretty high, but if you make an offer he may take it.

Buyer would pay shipping or could pick up.


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