Anyone know how to get margins the same after sheet cut at the beginning and end?


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Sorry this is a little hard to explain but I am printing some maps and I just want to print and then sheet cut and then start a print again and sheet cut but when I started I first did a sheet cut and then printed the map and when the map was done I did another sheet cut but when I looked the margin from the start of the print was thicker than the end of the print.. Not sure if I am explaining this correct or clear. So from the starting edge of the paper that I did a sheet cut to the print is like a 3" border (not exact as I did not measure) and at the end of the print to the sheet cut that I did right after print is like 2". I would like to have these the same size so I can just do a sheet cut, print, sheet cut and stack them up and be done. I don't want to have to trim one or both sides to be even. I hope this makes sense and if anyone knows how to correct this would be great. I have a roland VG2-540 that I just received like 3 months ago and I really like it, prints amazing. I use versa works to send the prints to the machine. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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I would measure the difference in margins and then manually advance the sheet that much after each print before sheet cutting. You could make a mark (with tape maybe) on the printer so you don't have to measure each time. On my Roland, a different model, I have to hit the "Base Point" button after moving the paper forward to set the new position.


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Thanks, That is what I was thinking I might have to do but I was hoping someone would know if there was a button to push to somehow make it the same margins before and after the print using the sheet cut.


With Flexi Sign you can add "Trim Marks" set the thickness of the mark and set the spacing.

You could also make template's to drop the map's into and resize the image to fit.

Hope this helps.