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Anyone out there using CUT MASTER 5 yet and liking the new design?


New Member
I gotta say the new Cut Master 5 is seems so different, I gave it a look and nothing was in its original place. I am all game for learning but when, our business does not slow down enough where the machines are down for days so I can learn tweak. Maybe I am just slow at this, but perhaps there is an orientation video out there? Or maybe it's just the exact same thing with everything in different places.



Super Active Member
It feels like a throwback to CM3. I managed to get it work once, and now it won't send jobs to the cutter any more. Buggy as usual.

Attila Nagy

New Member
I have looked it once, and will stay with CM4. Graphtec Studio is even bigger step back. Keep a safe copy of the good old downloads, before they disappear from they website.

Forty One

New Member
Wouldn't work properly with Ai, so I shipped back to CM4.
CM4 still has issues, but if it aint broke...


New Member
It's quite different. If you read through the fine print, this new one is a Silhouette product. The previous ones were SAI, of course.