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Anyone tried chinesse flatbed plotter


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Hello, because i dont find any mimaki or graphtec used flatbed plotter im wondering how good is flatbed plotters from china, anyone have it ?
I need it just for thick vinyl cutting 600 microns


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those small flatbed plotters are not common to find. what's wrong with a normal plotter?


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US Cutter offers these as a budget option, but they are small. I'm sure they are Chinese.

I would wait to find a Graphtec, or buy one new. Mimakis are much more expensive than the Graphtecs. If you're just cutting vinyl and don't need real tangential cutting, go with the Graphtec.

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I’m a big one against China no name machines, they are junk and so many end up on EBay or marketplace. Had my fair share and regret each one, we only stick with the name brands now. You’re lucky to sell them for half price. Summa is by far my favorite for a budget friendly machine, if you can’t afford one then save up until you can. Cutting vinyl requires a laser leveled machine, otherwise half your cuts won’t work - seen this happen & it kills the whole purpose of a flatbed. Good Luck, there’s always used summa on eBay.

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Another member just posted a summa in the UK - not sure how shipping works over there but I’m sure it’s possible.


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not familiar with the china cutters but i will say any posts i have seen on this site with lower cost china machines usually not good.
regardless of what type of machine you are looking for one of the main questions you need to ask is what happens when it breaks down or needs parts.
who is going to be the tech to fix it and what is the availability of the parts? if there is no one local then you could be down and out for months at a time. that is bad


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On a lark I bought a cheap laser engraver from a Chinese based company through Kickstarter. That was four years ago and I'm still waiting. Not a big chunk of cash wasted but an indication that there is absolutely nothing I can do to get my machine or my money back. Both the company and Kickstarter are still going strong rinsing others for their cash with no accountability. And for the record I did not say that they were scammers, rogues or scumbags.

Not to say that the established manufacturers would pull a stunt like that but as mentioned in earlier posts if you have a problem with the equipment, and you will, what is your recourse?