Anyone try the livetrace in CS6?


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Don't think it is going to replace the vector doctor anytime soon but it has some serious possibilities.
Girl on the left is the placed bitmap (high-rez Shutterstock jpg)
Center is the vector trace using the "high fidelity photo" preset
Right is a copy of the center with a black stroke applied to the paths and the fills removed.
64bit allows smooth fast editing even with a very high node count.

Neat stuff......

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I never tried CS5, but it seems to be a huge improvement from CS4. Still doesn't replace a human hand, but it could make the job easier I think.


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Used it a couple of times now. It's now called Image Trace and is greatly improved (controls are about the same but the accuracy is a lot better). Still far from perfect though and things still need cleanup. Kinda wish I had left CS5.5 installed so I coudl do some comparisons on that and a few other things. Overall I think CS6 is probably the most significant Illustrator update so far.