Anyone with a Master...


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First off, just let me say I'm not a professional. I have no intentions of becoming a professional. I'm a mom, and I enjoy playing around with stuff like this and making wall words, etc. as gifts. So please don't bash me for buying a crappy machine, because chances are, I already know what you're going to say.

That being said... :rolleyes:

If you have a Master and can help me out, I'd appreciate it. I just got one, and I'm unsure of where the pinch rollers should be placed. I have a small Graphtec, so I'm not used to this sort of cutter AND I'm also used to better instructions! My vinyl keeps shifting, and I'm pretty sure it's just user error.

Anyway, thank you. :thankyou:
If you look at the front of the machine.Right above where the blade travels there should be some white lines painted on there.They will be various lengths and you need to position your pinch rollers over the vinyl within those marks.hope this helps.


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We had the same problem ...We contacted Desay and they sent us 2 more pinch rollers...That solved the problem of the vinyl shifting...The tracking on the machine sucks.. So anything long will not track ....


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I think I worked it out. I looked closer, and at the far right side of the machine (I guess you'd call it the home position) there is about a 3" area without the gritty rollers. Instead of trying to start the cutting from that position, I moved it over and it seemed to work out fine.

I feel kind of blonde.. but oh well. Hehe.

Thanks everyone. I'm sure I'll have plenty more dumb questions... :tongue:


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Yes - they must be on the grit rollers to work :smile:

Ask any questions you have - our Masters served us well for a long time - I still have it but it is mostly retired. For wall words and small graphics it will be perfect.

And I have cut 20' runs on it. Not perfect but was very workable...