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Application Error


New Member
I am getting an application error when I open up production manager. The only way to fix it is to reinstall Flexi. I read somewhere that the windows firewall could be causing this but I have it under the exceptions and have acutally turned off the firewall and it still happened. It doesn't happen at any certain time and seems to be vary random. What could be causing this and how do I fix it? I am running FlexiPro on Windows XP Pro SP2

Thanks for any help,


dennis j

New Member
Windows XP SP2 has an issue with the Hasp driver have you updated to the latest driver I don't know if that would have any thing to do with it but it is a start.


New Member
What version of Flexi are you using? Also when you reinstall Flexi, first remove Flexi before you reinstall. Second run all the updates available, I am using FlexiPro 7.0v2 with XP SP2 without any issues (knock on wood) lol...


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"ATTENTION Windows XP Users!
During January 2005, Microsoft offered an automatic update for their XP operating system that may cause a problem with your Aladdin key driver. This change may cause the Scanvec Amiable software to be unable to locate the Hasp key. To correct this problem, a simple Hasp Driver updater is available to download and run."

Create a login at ScanvecAmiable.com and click on the MY PAGE button at the top right after logging in... You can download the directions and fix from their site.