Apply cast vinyl over louvers.


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I have a contract to wrap backup generators. They generate a lot of heat so all the doors have 1/4" deep louvers. So far we are stumped on how to get a clean look. We have tried heat but when you cut the vinyl to vent the louver it is all stretched out and will not lay down smoothly. Does anyone have experience with this? We are using Avery MPI 1005 with 1360 overlam.


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Heat, foam rollers, keep working them in until they are completely covered, then cut and slit them. I did a ton of electrical boxes for a city once. Charge accordingly for the extra time involved.


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You're talking ALLOT of louvers aren't you? Done them on hot dog carts. My guess with the amount your talking about you may want to try eliminating the louvers all together if possible. Otherwise tain't gonna be CHEAP.


Here it is.


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