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Apply ICC Profile


New Member
In Corel 9, when I import a vector image from signlab(.ai extension), the graphic loses a little bit of quality, where it needs to be node edited. I've tried .eps file and get the same. I've read where on importing a vector file, you can check a box saying apply embedded ICC Profile, but my box is grayed out. It claims to allow you to import and view vector based images without loss in original quality.

Anyone know how I can apply this profile when importing to see if this will retain the original vector graphic without having to clean it up.



Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
I don't think one has anything to do with the other.

The ICC Profile is for color management and has nothing to do with the integrity of vector paths. You might want to try enlarging the vector and then scale it back in Corel to see if that improves it, or check to see what options on export are provided by SignLab for the AI format. You may also be getting some problem related to grouping or combining. Try releasing all groups and compound paths before you export to see if that helps.

AI and EPS are pretty much the same thing except that EPS has a TIF preview added along with a placeable header for use with applications that provide for placing of images like InDesign, Pagemaker, Quark Express. It adds nothing for a vinyl cutting file.


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The part about grouping may be the problem. I had all the graphics grouped and welded together. I currently am trying to upgrade signlab so I haven't been able to try that option, so when I get it all straightened out, I will try to ungroup the whole lot.

The graphic is for another entry in the DREEM contest, so I hope I can get everything together before the 15th.

Thanks for the help Fred.