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Applying vinyl over an existing vinyl wall mural ... indoor


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A client has asked me to remove an existing vinyl mural on an indoor painted drywall surface and apply a new graphic in its place. I fear that the removal may seriously damage the wall surface by either pulling the paint or even the drywall paper in which case we would be looking at refinishing the entire wall before applying our new vinyl graphic. Does anyone have experience in applying a vinyl piece directly over an existing vinyl graphic and is it a viable option to stripping the existing vinyl and refinishing the wall before installing the new piece. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Christian @ 2CT Media

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Tell them to have it removed and repaired 30 days before hand. If you go the wrap over direction, I would definitely staple all the edges and seems as the extra vinyl weight may cause the underlying layer to lift and pull away.
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Modern Ink Signs

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1. What is the condition of the current vinyl
2. What type of vinyl is the current graphic cast or calandered and what are going to be putting up

We recently put a wall mural over an existing despite the fact that we told the customer to remove the existing then install new. You guessed it, failure of the existing graphic. 2 weeks later we we back discussing options and they agreed that they should have listened to me. Yes there was damage to the paint/drywall. They had to have it repaired and then new mural installed. They waited to 30 days for paint to fully cure and we did an adhesion test All just as we told the client in the beginning.

Oh ya, they had to sign off on our responsibility of graphic failure as they chose not to do as we instructed. CYA!!


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I would definitely suggest using 3M Edge Sealer or cut 2" clear laminate strips to hug the edge of the wrap and the drywall. I can almost guarantee some peeling at the edges from the extra weight, especially if you have to trim and put a blade to the drywall/paint. I would suggest having the customer sign a disclosure stating you do not recommend and they are waiving your warranty.


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Thank you all for your comments I very much appreciate the input. I will advise the client to re-finish the wall before we install the new graphics. Cheers and have a great December :)