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Are these nozzles gone forever?


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Hi all

I have a roland VS-640i, I'm getting deflected nozzles and a few missing nozzles in cyan.

I've done normal cleans, I've done manual cleans but they do not come back and the deflected nozzles remain the same. I've also put cleaning fluid in the capping station and and left for 24 hours and that did nothing. Are these gone forever? Can i do anything to bring them back?

On another note if you look closely, there is a dark section along the middle, it looks as though the nozzles overlap slightly, is this right? I look at other people test prints and theirs look like it flows.


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When nozzles don't come back after many cleanings and head soaks it usually means they are physically damaged either in the shape of the nozzle itself or an internal issue that just stops it from firing. As a last resort you can try flushing the head with a syringe and cleaning solution but it can cause damage internally so you would want to be prepared to buy a new one in that case.


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When was your captop changed last?
We used to get test prints like this once they got old replacing them often helped.
The print definitely isn't the worst I've seen.


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I changed the captop last week because of it and it didn't make any difference. I suppose I'll just have to get used to printing at high quality.

Jim Hill

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Do not give up just yet!!!

I know you said you changed cap tops last week but were they Roland OEM or after market cap tops?
If I were you based on the test prints you showed I would change the cap tops again until the test print improves.

Cap tops are interesting because some fit perfectly and seal the heads and some look like they should work and yet do not seal the heads correctly which I believe is your problem.

When I had a similar problem I just kept changing cap tops and I swear the problem went away completely and that's when I realized they all look the same but they do not all work the exact same way when it comes to getting a good seal between the cap tops and the heads.



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Jim Hill On the VSi it's just one capping station and it wasn't genuine and neither was the pump.

I'll purchase genuine ones and try again and let you know how I get on.

Could it be anything to do with the wipers? I changed these and they were genuine but the felt one hasn't been changed for at least 6 months.

Can I ask, when I do a manual clean or sometimes any clean, the first magenta set loses a lot of nozzles and then if I leave it say half hour, they all come back. I seem to only have issues with the first Magenta and Cyan, all the others appears to fire 100% whether I clean them manually or not.

I'm just intrigued as to why it's only those 2 colours?

Jim Hill

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In my case it was also only Magenta and Cyan also.

One easy way to check for you are getting a good cap top seal is to connect a syringe to the hose on the bottom of the Magenta and Cyan cap top and if it is sealing correctly you should only have to slowly pull back on the syringe once or twice and it should pull the ink into the syringe.

Whenever I try this and I get no ink flowing into the syringe I start looking the cap tops closer because they are simply not making a good seal.

I have pulled them off and sometimes changed them a few times until I found one that worked correctly. I use after market cap tops because the cost is so much lower but remember they all look the exact same but they don't all work the same way!

Best of luck. Jim


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The reason what made me start this was because of banding. I've just printed on high quality and I still get banding, so I print a feed test and it's past -50 (can't go even further as it maxes it out that) and it's currently set on -10.

How can it be this far out?

Joe House

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Your feed adjustment is too low from looking at the nozzle test print. Try setting it at 0 and post a new nozzle test or the actual feed calibration test