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Arizona 180 problem.. need some help


New Member
we recently purchased a used arizona 180. I have a 90 it's in very good shape 2 years old.. only about 10,000' have been through the printer..

this new(used) 180 has 65,500' through it and ahs been modistly taken care of IMO.. Today I took on the task of getting the 180 up and running in our shop for the 1st time.. everything went well.. Except!! I keep getting a "check Heater/Blower fuses" error

when I 1st turned on the printed I noticed it was very quite.. but I wasn't sure why.. later on I realized the blowers are not coming on. I also noticed that the heater is coming upto temperature but it's staying at the set temp.. it keeps raising up and up.. untl I get the error...

I've checked the connection on the blowers.. I've replaced the fuses with new ones.. still nothing..

any help would be great



New Member
I know nothing about these machines, but it sounds like a thermostat problem. Would the blowers kick on when a certain temp is reached, or are they supposed to be on constantly?


New Member
Have you pulled the fan and see if it works? The voltage rating should be marked on it. I don't know about these machines but I would start looking at the obvious.


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just an update,,, narrowed it down ,, one of the blower fans was siezed up thats why it kept blowing fuses..