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Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
The best format is JPG. You can also use BMP, TIF, GIF and others, but JPG takes advantage of the auto-thumbnailing built into the forum software.

The size should be no greater than 800 x 800 pixels.

The color mode should be RGB! CMYK files will generate errors.

Uploading (attaching) is done by posting a reply to a post or starting a new thread and then scrolling down to the blue area beneath the reply box. There you will find a button called "Manage Attachments". Clicking it will bring up a dialog to find and upload the image from your hard drive. Once uploaded, complete your post and click on the "Submit Reply" button.


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I was wondering how you did this

Thanks for the information as I have been working on two new items for merchant post and will post with pictures soon Henry Goines