Average Price of Basic Design Full-Coverage car Wrap?


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I am writing because the last time I checked around, everyone was charging around $2800 to $3000 for a regular size car or truck. Has that changed or is that the still the norm in the industry right now? We have been in business going on 3 yrs now. We have decided to concentrate a lot of our energy and resources towards wraps. This week we are trying to get everything structured properly. We have decided that dealing with small vehicle graphics, such as a $25 to $50 decal, can be extremely time consuming and quite a headache.We also want our business to be known for quality, not the lowest price in town. We are going to completely revamp our business with the hope of improving our overall image. So if you know the average rate in your town right now, please let me know. People in the city I live in are always looking for the lowest price, so it is hard to sell wraps, but I intend to get creative and work cities in the surrounding area.
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This is a good reason to be a premium subscriber, this kind of conversation takes place in that part of the forum... to keep the public eye from viewing if you understand and not to be offensive
But answer your question that's ok for a partial. as good minimum
and are hardly worth that. if you can not understand what they are about within seconds, kinda of a waste.
Let the others low ball.


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Used to be a member but we haven't been back here in months. I think I might subscribe again, there are several things that I feel like researching and discussing.

But it surpises me that you say $2800 to $3000 for a partial. I thought that was what a full wrap went for. Is that what you meant, a minimum of 2800 to 3000 for a partial or a full wrap?