Rant Avery SuperCast 900 Gloss White . . . W . . . T . . .F?!?!?!?!


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Been at my current shop since 2015. Was at my last from 2002-2015. Have used Avery 2 mil high performance vinyl at both jobs. Suddenly, it is useless. Multiple machines, multiple plotter settings - last two rolls have weeded terribly. Shapes/copy cut perfectly, nice trace line on the liner . . . weeds like garbage.
Has anyone else out there experienced this sudden falloff in quality?


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I've been having issues with the Avery Easy Apply - it doesn't want to come off the liner. I've quit doing contour cut decals with it because they have become a nightmare to install.


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We use Avery 950, and have found that on the roll we bought this summer the white doesn't weed as well as the other colors. Increasing the pressure 1 gram (from 12 to 13) solved it though.