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Avery SW900 for cut letters


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I usually use regular cut vinyl like avery sc900 or oracal 651 for single color cut vinyl jobs but I have a trailer that im doing with some large shapes in gloss black so im using SW900 wrapping film for them, customer is very particular and doesn't like the difference in color/ shine between any of the regular cut vinyls in comparison to the SW900 wrapping film. I am hoping I can just use the SW900 for the contour cut letters and such without having any peeling issues down the road??

Ive never had a problem using the printable avery 1105 ez rs for contour cut decals/ lettering or 3m ij180mc-10 for that matter.


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From Avery:

SW900 Series is designed as a wrap film. Cutting for the purpose of preparing sizes or shapes has proven to be feasible. However, signcutting of letters and graphics is not recommended.