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Avery What Room Temperature I need to Wrap Cars?


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Hi Guys I am new to this forum and looking for some help.
What is the best room temperature to wrap cars? We just bought new AC for our warehouse and I am looking for the best temp for this room.

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I believe Avery recommends 70 - 80 F (21-27°C). You can install at a cooler temp but they say 50° F (10°C) is the minimum and you'll want to make sure to apply heat with a heat gun to make sure the adhesive flows onto the vehicle surface properly. Warmer than 80 and it make the film very flimsy. I'd recommend laminating for sure. There are also products for Avery and 3M that are meant for warmer application temps.


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Definately low 20's celcius is the best.
I always flash the vinyl with a torch after it's installed.
- Takes away scuff marks left from your squeegee
- Strengthens adhesion
- Will show bubbles on areas where you missed to squeegee down.