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Awesome Site


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I've been doing hours of browsing and the info and expertise is incredible.

I fly model helicopters and run a rc heli club in South Florida. I recently got a canopy painted, did some research, and discovered that great results can be achieved useing vinyl stickers.

Here are some examples:

My painted canopy:

Vinyl Canopy examples

Initially I saw posts regarding the STIKA 15" but now it seems like the Summa D60 is a better deal. Our heli canopies are not flat surfaces, and I am not an Illustrator Genius etc., but making vinyl designs for canopies seems like an interesting part of the hobby, and its way safer than painting them... so here I am.



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That is very neat. Good work!

You make me wish I had an rc heli! Of course, I don't think it'd last long in my hands...heh.


Fred Weiss

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Is it just me? I can view the first link but the rest give me a message that i don't have permission to view the pics.