Awning Logo Replacement


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The company I work for offers a variety of signs and print materials. We are looking to get into awnings. A customer recently asked if we can replace the previous tenants' logo on his awning with his. I wanted to see if there is an easy solution for this, otherwise we'd pass on this.

He wants to avoid the high cost of getting an entirely new awning. I'm not sure if a patch up would work. I assume we'd need a very durable, possibly fabric vinyl we can print on. We do not have any heat transfer/sublimation equipment so that's where this is difficult too.

I appreciate any help and advice offered. Thanks!

P.S. I believe we'd need to also check the City Regulations for awnings and they may only allow certain types. I assume they may not allow patch ups.

Andy D

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What type of material? It could be cloth or vinyl.
How is the existing logo made? Printed vinyl, screen printed, direct print?