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Arlo Kalon 2.0

New Member
For over 20 years prior to 1999 I ran Kellems Signs here in Ft. Worth, TX. I sold the biz to American IronHorse motorcycle co. as part of going to work at their factory pinstriping new cycles for nearly 4 years. In that time, I striped nearly 1,600 cycles! It was an awesome, fun time until greedy corp. types took over and destroyed our "craft guild" atmosphere. I snapped up the assets of a Canadian sign shop, including an Edge, and cleaned out my shop bldg. behind my house again. Several old customers happily jumped back on with me, and I'm having more fun again now than ever. I renamed co. "Ultra Custom" as a commitment to NEVER do anything but that level. Looking forward to getting to know many of you! THANX...
Dave Kellems

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Welcome to Signs 101 Dave. That's a heck of transition. Please show us some of your work if you have some pics.


New Member
Hi Dave, would love to see some of your custom cycle pinstriping. :Welcome: