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Bak files


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When I save a cdl file, I also seem to get these bak files of the same job, but can't open them. What are they? How do I stop getting them in my file of saved jobs? When I save a job, I use the name and cdl extension, but frequently get the Bak file extension. Thanks.



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I use to work with Casmate and it would save me an .scv file allong with a .bak file. The .bak file was an automatic backup file it created. Casmate would open this as well.

Maybee this is the same thing and you could probably de-activate it in the property settings within Corel.

Hope it helps.

Bob Gilliland

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Baz has properly identified what is happening. There is an “auto” backup feature within SL, and in a default install, performs these backups at various times. I don’t currently have the time to review this topic in its all of its glory, but do promise to revisit this thread in two or three days and explain it in more depth.

For now, to see the options associated with the feature, visit the Options drop down menu, then select Automatic Save. For additional information on the feature, do a key word search of “Automatic Saves” inside the online Help file. One of the few times the CADlink Help file does a respectable job.

More later.


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Thankx Baz, Bob. I found the area and unclicked create backup file, that should solve the Bak file's in the directory.


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.bak again

In most graphics programs, the .bak version of the file is a copy of the previous saved version of the drawing or graphic.

example: A document is created and saved. Your customer doesn't like a particular element. You go back and save the document after making changes.

The new document with the new changes would carry the program's proper file extension. The .bak file would be a copy of the original work.

This holds true in Scanvec-Amiable programs as far back as I can remember as well as Corel Draw (v4-12) and AutoCAD (r8-14)

Did I confuse anybody further?