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Banding Issue


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Hello, I am having a banding issue with my black. I'm running a mutoh 1624. I have low heat setting 31/33/50, I have tried raising the head, I have cleaned encoder, the nozzle tests look good, i tried to run at 720x720 and now i have just run at 1440 x 1440...still same thing. Printing on canvas. Dampers are all relatively new (last 8 months) any other ideas I could try? Black ink is low...but that shouldn't make a difference?


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Try a different media? I will have to dig a little to figure out why you have vertical banding....If it was horizontal, I would say check your PF adjustment...


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Check for any air in the lines. It looks like you have an ink flow issue. If one of the dampers didn't get put on quite tight enough of there is a defect causing a small amount of air to get in the system, it will cause this type of banding.