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Question Banner Heat Welder


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Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the crazy phone calls we get in this industry like... Hey do you guys make signs? Why yes we do, how can we assist you? Oh boy the next questions KILLS me. What do you normally charge? HAHA. Sorry I had to. To cut to the reason of this thread. I am in need of a Heat welder for Banners. Any recommendations on a used welder? I have price these guys and Whew if I could figure out how to weld them with 50k plus on metal welders we have I would have no reason to ask. BTW before the troll romps me I completely understand (2) completly different machines and functions. I appreciate any advice in advance. Like I tell my Customers, "Sign" me up man I will make it happen.


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Miller Weldmaster sure makes some nice ones. You really get what you pay for with heat welders.


I really like the Miller Weldmaster Triad....very versatile, built like a tank, just a great machine all around. Leister is good, but educate yourself on the difference between hot wedge and hot air welders. Leister is a stronger hot air welder, and is best if you need to bring the welder to the banner i.e. on site. But the Miller Triad is a hot wedge and great in shop, not so much for site work. Many of the banner welding technologies originated in the tent/awning industry and were adapted to the signage industry, Leister is an example of that. They are great if you're welding together a huge tent/awning on a roof or on site somewhere and are meant for that kind of work....but the Miller machines are more meant to stay in your shop in a designated space. So it's depending on what's best for you....I've used the Miller Triad extensively and love it, perfect for a sign shop.