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I have a small project that I am doing for my Fire Department Hall. I have volunteered myself to create a temporary (9-12 months) sign for out front. They asked for a Banner but I am wondering if Scooter Board or similar would be better. I have thought about vinyl or painting the sign depending on which way I go for substrate.
I am doing this for free since I am a member of the department.

Need more information just post away I will answer.



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Are you digitally printing banner ?

We have banners out there that are 2 yrs.+ and still look a good as new...they were printed on solvent based Mimaki JV3.

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If it's truly going to be temporary scooter board isn't a bad choice and should be fine with cut vinyl. How big are we talking here?

I know in my area - even for the Fire Dept - you'd be hard pressed to permit a banner for 9-12 months. And how were you going to hang the banner? Is there some kind of structure already there?

More info please :smile:


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OK on Scooter board.
The Fire Department was volunteer and we recently transitioned to a paid part time staff. So the Inc. side of the Fire Department had to move out of the offices and other assests. We purchased a building that use to be the VFW cleaned it up and all. The probelem is the building has a brick fascia that the letters VFW are inlayed into the pattern. The size is about 30in high by about 6ft long.