BannerSpring 14' x 48' exterior wall mount


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This 14' x 48' wall scape was one of our first projects we did with BannerSpring since taking the product to the pubic.

BannerSpring normally connects directly to wall, but in this case, we used a 1x4 wood frame as the wall surface is composed of textured cement block. The tight tension and abilty to hold the fabric close to the wall was best served in this case to assure an even plane.

With BannerSpring's being stainless steel, this poster can stay up for 10 years or until the vinyl fades.


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Would look nice trimmed out to hide the hardware.

We have an accessory called BannerFrame we use to hide the perimeter for jobs that are seen close up. The distance this poster is viewed from is at least 75 feet, so the BannerSprings aren't extremely noticeable in this case.