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Basic sports clipart


New Member
We have a need to get some basic sports clipart-- a baseball, football, basketball, cheerleader megaphone, gymnast, etc.-- to do some of those window decals that HS parents go all crazy for. We have been looking at many clipart packages and we are trying to make a decision on what will meet our needs best--keeing in mind that we are still a young company trying to get the most for our dollar.

Can anyone recommend a good clipart package that will meet our needs? What do you like using?


Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
There are 112 vinyl-ready sports images in my Plotter Art Originals collection. Current sale price is $129.00 and individual images are $5 each.

You may also find quite a bit of decent work at Clipart.com that is vinyl-ready since they bought out OCA Enterprises and have most of his libraries mixed into things there. Subscriptions are very reasonable.


New Member
Another good source it Corel Graphics Suite. Loads of clip art, fonts, photos and a darn good graphics program to boot :) Just make sure you get a legit copy :)