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Basketball template


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Hello all,

Does anyone know if a template exists to aid in creating art for presentation basketball with cut vinyl?
I figure if someone out there has already done the math to figure out all the angles - that would be helpful.




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5"w x 2"h is about what we use to create them for colleges that present b-balls to players for breaking records. You can have a few lines within that and it's not much fun doing them.

We use our finger to apply and take our time... no money in them for us for sure. But it's one of the those products that they like order. The curvature of the ball with transfer tape makes it slightly tricky. But the reduced size for the length makes it bearable. I have never seen a template I would suggest to trust your eyes and do a couple test sizes. They take up no space even on a 24" roll, so do multiple sizes and select the one that best works for you based on the content.


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I've seen some people using their Trotec Laser to engrave the leather on basketballs. Might be worth outsourcing to someone with that capability. Cut vinyl on a ball seems like a less than ideal scenario.