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Battle of the JR's

David Snider

New Member
Which one do you prefer and why?

The Mutoh Jr.
eco solvent ink
36" print
30" plotter
.40 in print cost
comes with flexi rip

or the Mimaki
solvent ink
30" print
30" plotter
.40 in print cost
comes with wasasch rip

We are purchasing one or the other before the years end.

Mutoh also has the package at 12,195 until the end of the year.
Mimaki is about 17,000 I think.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Neither .... I would go for the Mutoh 48" Falcon Package which includes a 42" Graphtec for about the same money as the Mimaki 30".

I know your business is very much about vehicle graphics, but to be able to handle the banner business that this unit is built to do, would probably be a difference that would recoup your entire investment is six months or less. This unit also has great speed and a proven good reputation.