Best method for this job?

I have a 30" tall X 144" long print job. It is all text with a black offset drop shadow and a white outline. The text may end up with an engine turn fill or other graphic type fill.

It needs to be 30" from top to bottom and die cut to expose the metallic green paint on the vehicle... The word is BODWELL'S but the S hooks down under the word and underlines it...inside the line is some words that are cut out.

**Now I have a 30" roll of 3M IJ180C-10 and 3m Cast laminate to match (30") what is the best way to print this?

Just tile it by printing sideways on the media and it will be seamed about every letter? or split it horizontally and have 1 seam the length of the graphic? Also if it is a 12 foot long print, will this contour without getting f'd up in the versacamm after it is laminated? Can I add more crop marks so it will stay centered correctly?

I'm sure working with anything that long is a real pain in the ***... I thought about just printing each letter one at a time and then the S in sections, but the drop shadow ties them all together.

I'm new to this and need some opinions, this media gets expensive to be screwing up on runs like this.

What would you recommend?

I realize many would use straight vinyl for this but I have the materials listed above, not individual vinyl and I'm trying to get good at doing digital print applications.

Thanks for any info!:thankyou: