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Best Print Method For Gym Padding


New Member
Hello All,
I did a search but came up empty on best print method for gym wall padding. Would it be best to direct print directly on the pad or print on vinyl, laminate and stick on? Not sure how either would hold up against use.


Deluded Artist
Ideally, you would print with eco-solvent ink directly to white upholstery vinyl and use it to wrap the pads.


Deluded Artist
With vinyl Upholstery material, it is better for the ink to dissolve partially into the vinyl surface since you are unable to laminate the vinyl. But then again you might want to experiment with 2 mil wrap laminate on a heated laminator to see if that would fill the texture of the vinyl. Latex ink is "Glued' (optimizer) to the surface of the substrate and more likely to scratch off with repeated use.

Also, Vinyl Upholstery material is very thick and need to be printed on a printer with an adjustable height print head. HP Latex printheads don't have a manual height adjustment.


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We have been approached to do a similar project.

they want the team photo paneled onto the portion of padded wall under the basketball goals.
the pads overall size is about 72"h x 144"w
we were planning on bidding using a high tack vinyl with lamination

Has anyone done this?
What adhesive vinyl / material did you use?
Any comments about installation?
What suggestions would you have
What do we need to look for and ask about prior to taking on the project?

Thank you for the assistance

Cory Marcin

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TXFB.INS: How did your project end up? I know this is an ancient thread....but I'm curious how your vinyl held up on the pads.


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The project ended up being canceled.

long story short, wanted it done in 48 hrs, didn't have the team photo and wanted it all done with a RIDICULOUS low budget price


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I lettered these post covers a couple seasons ago and they seem to be holding up fine. I used paint mask for the letters and sprayed them with Krylon Fusion rattle can paint. The logos are Avery 900 series printed and laminated. IMG_7301.JPG

Kaitlin Boisvert

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We recently did some graphics on gym pads at a high school nearby. Instead of applying vinyl, we actually replaced the four center pads with new printed ones. (was good since there were tears in the old pads anyway) They ran about the same cost it would've cost us to print, laminate and install, and turned out great! Cost was $172/ea and we purchased through AK Athletics. They were very responsive and had fast service!


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