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Best printable vinyl to use inside a walk in beer cooler


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Hello Everyone,

I'm working on some projects for a convenience store chain. They are interested in putting a printed vinyl design on the wall in a walk-in cooler. The size is approx 2.5ft x 12ft. What would work the best for this project? A good 2mil wrap vinyl? High tack? Any help is appreciated.



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If the cooler will be waed up during install any normal vinyl would work depending on how long it is supposed to last, the cold won't affect the vinyl after its installed and setup.

If you are installing in the cold, nothing will really work, this is the reason we don't install vinyl outside when it's below 10 degrees here

Sindex Printing

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Take a look st the substance Incorporated. I have used them for some odd things customers have asked me for. I have one customer that uses the material for labels on equipment in the middle of winter and the have stuck great.

Modern Ink Signs

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I’d use a cast product. If it is only a cooler temps are above freezing. Would be like putting a wrap on a vehicle and then running it the winter

Just make sure you have it installed properly and I would say you should have absolutely no problems

Install temp above 60-65 degrees