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Best used 600dpi+ printer for under 2K???


New Member
I know you have seen hundreds of folks ask..... What is the best printer blah blah blah? Please bear with me as I do it again. I am willing to spend 2K or less on an entry level digital printer. Used of course. I have read so much about printers that I can't see straight. Here is what I will need it for. Mostly outdoor banners/vehicle graphics/stickers/signs/etc, and some inside stuff. I know I will need to laminate, so that is understood. I have been looking along the lines of an Encad 600/700 but I dont want to exclude some other possibilities that are out there. Any positive comments will be appreciated.

Thanks, Jim jimtrainor@bellsouth.net

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
The VersaCamm or the Mutoh Jr are the best bang for the buck on the market right now. They're eco-solvent and use heaters to achieve the ability to print on untreated materials. If you pick up a used Encad, HP or VinylJet you will only save on the front end. If you do any business with it you'll have spent more for your hardware and consumed supplies in just a few months than in paying the difference for the current state of the art.

But brace yourself because the next move will be to UV inks and built in curing lamps. Less smells, less maintenance and equal or better output.