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Hi All,

hope you're all having a great month.

I have a job for a mega client (for us any way) and I want to put my best foot forward on this one.

Its a small wall wrap.
Now, I have used 3M IJ40 with some success. But on occasion it comes off around the edges. No big deal just go back and touch up, done deal. I have also used 3MIJ180cV3 with the same results and fixes.

For this job I want it to go down nice and I don't want to have to go back for any touch ups.

I was looking at the AVERY MPI2611. But I have never used it before and I am not sure I want to invest in a full roll of this vinyl (and matching lam) it its only going to be marginally better than what I have been using already.

Has anyone used this stuff on a regular basis?
What lam did you use?
What was your experience (install, print, longevity)?

Any other suggestions on wall wrap vinyl and lam?

Thanks in advance for your tips


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We have used the 2611 with great results! it prints beautifully, installs like a dream. It's the only removable wall material I would reccomend besides Photo-tex. Avery sent me a free 24" x 10 yrd sample roll before I bought an entire roll, just ask.


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If it's indoor, we've used ij35 on our walls in our office, and it hasn't lifted 1 bit. Worked really great. Installed good too. We did laminate it though.


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The PhotoTex is the only thing I'd use for a wall "wrap" since you don't have to cut and transfer it. I've never tried to use transfer tape on PhotoTex, but I'd bet it sucks the mother bucket.

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Colorado - If I recall: a) you can doublecut your seam to create a butt joint, as a doesn't shrink, and b) I believe they came out with a more opaque solution recently


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Thanks everyone!

I had to pull the trigger on something. So I went with the Avery 2611 and the 1080 lam.

I will report back how it went.

Also looking forward to getting that phototex sample. We'll see how that pans out.


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Avery 2611 is also great for short term. We had some sitting in our shop for ages and I just tested it for the first time recently. I took it straight from the printer to the wall with no laminate and it was surprisingly easy to apply, and it matched the texture of the plain painted wall nicely. Plus it comes off clean and easy in one piece without taking any paint with it.