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best way to impose 200 cut vinyl


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Ok, so I created a pdf file with a variable data to create 200 cut vinyl. Now I'm trying to figure how to impose those to be able to cut them. I have the adobe suite software, summa cutter tool and caldera v9. They just need to be cut of a 24in roll of vinyl. No print.

How can I do this? Thanks.


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This is odd. I've never actually ran into this situation. Figured it'd be easy, just like importing a PDF with a solid color. Apparently that doesn't work. You can probably get around that by making the text color the same as your Contour Cut spot color and trying to bypass the print and cut directly onto solid color. Not familiar with Caldera, so not much help on how to do that.


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I'll either use a script to place all the pages into an illustrator file and arrange them, or send it through Onyx and just cancel the print so that it sends an imposed cut file to the cutter.

Sending it through the RIP is faster but wastes a bit more vinyl because it leaves space for the cut marks. Not sure about Caldera, but might work the same.

White Haus

Could you print to PDF with multiples, then import into Illustrator and assign cutcontour and set them up in batches/sheets?

Or is the only thing stopping you from just ripping your PDF a cut path? You may be able to do this in Acrobat or Caldera, but I'm not sure on that one.