Beware of ADT


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Complete Scam Artists. We signed up for service 3 years ago. At that time we asked our sales rep directly about transfer to a new space, the said no problem it will be moved for free to the new space just give us 30 days.

2 years later we move, find out that was all BS. We had to pay to move the service.

Here we are again we need to move to a bigger space again and considering switching.

Well apparently we signed a 5 year contact the first time, then renewed a 5 year contract again on the move even though we had to pay for the move.
We want to go with another company because ADT doesn't have a solution for digital phone lines, you have to get an analog line from the phone company. All of our phone lines are digital and really don't want to pay $70 for an analog line anymore. To get out of the contract they want us to pay 90% left on the 4 year term from to $1200.

What a crock of S...

Not sure what to do now. Anyone experience something like this?

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ADT has always done stuff like that, for years I have heard the same story from many people. They always say ohy eah we will move it for free and then they say they never said that and they charge you. When you say digital are you meaning you get your phone service over the internet? The basic reason they don't want that kind of line is because if your internet goes down you have no central station monitoring, thus if the alarm goes off nobody is calling the cops to respond to your location. Call a local alarm guy and get a quote for installation of new equipment and monitoring, it's not cheap but, if you move you take the equipment with you and just pay for someone to re-install it but you own it and can move at anytime without the hassle of buying out a contract. Bottom line is, alarm systems are a neccesary evil. It's a cost you need to incur.


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We used to have ADT, they transferred it from one location to another for free without reupping the contract either. We eventually cancelled because their bills are never, ever, ever and I mean EVER right and we had to fight them tooth and nail every time one came over.

Cancel in writing stating they breached the contract by charging you to move the system and by resigning you to another 5 year lease without your knowledge or consent. See what they say.


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My guess is that the move wasn't in the contract. I don't care for ADT for other reasons but if you took a salesguy's word for something instead of reading the contract you were asking for it. Nor is it their fault that you want to move to a location that they can't service.
My guess is that the move wasn't in the contract. I don't care for ADT for other reasons but if you took a salesguy's word for something instead of reading the contract you were asking for it. Nor is it their fault that you want to move to a location that they can't service.

That's the key thing right there. Even if you were to come to an "arrangment" after signing the contract that nullified a portion of said contract it doesn't matter unless it's on a piece of paper. A written contract cannot be null and void verbally.

Sales people want to make the sale, some use every trick in the book. Also make sure it's in the contract, if not it doesn't matter in the end what he, she or it said.

This happens a lot with people that mod their vehicles too. They said that they talked to the GM of service and they said: "Sure, we won't void your warranty." Some do, some don't. Just make sure it's in written down as such.


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Kind of agree with most of the respondents thus far. We use a different company and have been happy with them.

Not to be unsympathetic but always read contracts. It's not their problem you're one year into a five year deal and now want out.

Salesmen will say nearly anything to make a sale. Then when the rubber hits the road two years later and that guy's long gone, you've got nothing to hang your hat on.

Good luck. Try and negotiate your way out of it. Money talks!


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Screw them, don't pay them and sue them for fraud. Just because you have a contract does not mean you cannot win. Now you will stand a chance of loosing but I don't like pushy companies like the one you describe.

Contact the Office of the Executive and file a complaint.
Challenge them on their Mission, Vision and Values
Contact the parent Tyco and challenge their Mission, Vision and Values

We have had similar problems with the phone company and have been able to get out of paying for termination of services by filing a complaint with the proper regulatory body.

If your city/county regulates alarm companies, file a complaint with them. File a complaint with the FCC (because of the phone line issues) and the FTC. File a complaint with the government body that issues their licenses to operate.

It is a PITA but there is no need to put up with this stuff.

Step 1: I think a well written letter to the Office of the Excutive of both ADT and Tyco will solve your problem. Just going to the top will often solve your problems.


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How is ADT being pushy? He's the moving and wanting to break the agreement. I personally would not sign up for 5 years, but that was the deal.
I found a small local company and installed for $100.00 and 1 yr contract..
I have a cell phone primary (no reg phone line) $5.00 per month
less than $40.00 a month...
Most companys use the same call center as the big companys..


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With all due respect. Shoulda read the small print. It's a contract and that's what most people do Read the contract!
ADT are like ATT Money grabbing greed