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Bleach, Latex and Eco Solvent inks...........


New Member
So I'm wondering about the following:
I am printing vinyl stickers and some may not be laminated. The question is: If while cleaning a boat with bleach, it gets splashed on the sticker not laminated, will the printing come off?
Does the ink matter whether it's Latex or Eco-solvent ? Is one better than the other for this situation ?

I know it would be better to laminate all the outside stickers, especially those hat would go on a boat or car etc, but just wondered if one ink type is more resistant than another against bleach and other harsh chemicals people clean with.

thanks !


New Member
You do understand what bleach does?

Laminate everything. You will want a roll to roll laminator if doing long runs like wraps.


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I can wash away ecosolvent and latex with rubbing alcohol.... Never tried bleach though.

You can buy a cheap roll of laminate for $100... There really is no reason to never laminate. Even on the most budget friendly stuff we put laminate on. A non laminated decal is going to rip to shreds on a boat... Not to mention it'll be a pain in the ass to remove later on.

I think bleach would eat away any ink. You'll fade your walls if you use non diluted bleach on it even.