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Blockout adhesive vinyl


New Member
I'm looking for a brand and supplier of Eco Solvent printable, blockout, adhesive vinyl.
It needs to be cast and long term. It's for a backlit sign box and will be applied to the white acrylic face.

The customer really wants to use a very dark full colour background pattern and it's going to look very washed out if I print it (even multi-pass). Their logo and text is all white with a drop shadow so I'd like to just full print on blockout and then cut out the white part of their logo so that at least that part is nice and bright at night. The customer agrees.

I know I can layer black blockout vinyl below the print and try to align the contour cuts but it's a very large sign and it would be extremely difficult to register the layers and it also doubles the amount of vinyl and labour to lay it.

Any suggestions?