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Bn20 a issues


New Member
I have a bn20 a took the ink cartridges out and put cleaning cartridges in and I can’t get it to suck through the lines and now I put ink cartridges back in and it won’t pump through the lines either I’m not sure what’s wrong it looks like the captio is making a good seal around the head the waste lines are empty except for the one that goes to the waste ink container. Is this a sign of a bad ink pump?


New Member
Hi Netsol ive already bought that kit from eBay should be here this week so thank you for sharing it

Im struggling here now yellow is not printing well maybe its because some air is in the yellow line?


Merchant Member
Rule of thumb if you don't want us expensive tech to come fix it for you. Use original Roland parts. It saves you time to figure out if the aftermarket cap top is working or not.

70% of all problems come from a bad cap top in our experience.


New Member
Hi thanks for sharing this i did put in a new 3rd party cap top and guess what

I will not be buying anymore 3rd party cap tops, dampers, or nozzel nipple bits again

Buying only genuine dampers and captops from now on