Bolding a font in CorelX3


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Does anyone know a workaround for bolding a font in Corel that does not have a separate ttf file for the bold version??

The specific example I have is "Parisian BT"

It will bold in MS Word, but not Corel.


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Using "pen" outline tool, adjusting thickness to your liking, then contour it at half of the value, if your need to cut them.


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Jiarby... that is a strange one .

If you want to save some steps in gnemmas post .. once you have the right outline just click on 'convert outline to object' in the Arrange menu and it will automatically convert your outline to a contour.... and no jaggies.

...that one's for free ;-)

d fleming

Depending on the font you may be able to click on the B,I or U icon at top of page in text toolbar to change attributes. If not outline, contour blah blah.