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Bonding small letters to ACP


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Greetings! We need to bond some small acrylic letters to brushed silver ACP. The letters are too small to get a stud or screw fixing - any suggestions as to a suitable adhesive? The sign will be exterior.

Andy D

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Ironic, I just logged in and searched adhesive, because I have the same exact situation, even the acrylic and brushed aluminum finish.
For me it's more of a personal project, so I was hoping to find something I could pick up at home depot for cheap, like 100% silicone.
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Andy D

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GVP, FYI I went ahead and got a tube of GE 100% clear silicone from Home Depo, because
the installers swore by it, where I used to work.
I put a few letters together and let them set up for around 45 minutes & it worked great.
full setup time is 24 hours, but even after 45 minutes, there was no way to pull them apart.
I'm not sure if it's necessary or even advisable, but I did scuff both surfaces before putting them together.

Good Luck & please let me know what you went with.

Andy D

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We primarily use GE Silicone 2 in the gold and blue bottle. We've also started using Lexel on recommendation of this place. Appears to be good stuff and it's way clearer than silicone.