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I am a flexi pro lover and use it to the max HOWEVER I have a program that uses corel it came with 9 I now have decided to get 13 and want to get as good as corel as I am with flexi. The answer will be a good book to start with and then lots of practice. Please suggest a book you may have used with success. Thanks in advance.


Practice is better than any book.

There's two basic levels to learning something like Corel. Pretend for the moment that Corel is a language, then you have the rank beginner who doesn't know what you can say and the graphics hand that knows what can be said as well as what it wants to say but doesn't know how to say it in this particular language.

Which are you? If a beginner then start out reading the actual manual that came with the product while running the actual software doing little samples to cement your understanding of the package.

If an experienced graphics hand learning Yet Another package, just start some project or an other and look for the features you know must be there in the places you'd most likely expect them to be. Along the way you'll discover any features unique to this product.

After market books for this sort of software seem to make some feel comfortable but for the most part are redundant in respect to the product's documentation.


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I have X3 and the way I have been learning it is through practice. It comes with a good manual and the corel site has several good tutorials. Just get your X3 and have at it is my best advice, but it wil take a while to harness all its abilities.