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Brands of the world


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Anyone else have a problem finding things on this site. I went there for the first time and did'nt see what everyone talks about, did'nt seem that great to me. What am I doing wrong.


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It is a hard site to navigate. Click on the letter of the logo you want, look at the list and use the arrows to move threw them to get the one you want.

Fred Weiss

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Using the alpha links will take you a very long time to find what you want Since there are more than 100,000 logos at this site. But sitting just to the right of them is the keyword search entry box. Just enter the name of the company or brand name you are looking for and click the search button. The results are listed as links alphabetically and beyond 13 will break into pages. Clicking on each link will show the logo above the list. To the right of the logo is a download link simply named EPS.


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Got it now, thanks. I have never been on the site, just heard alot about it her and was just checking it out, I did't need anything, Thanks Guys


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How Do You Post On Brands Of The World

Does Anyone Know How To Post A Logo On Brands Of The World.


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They changed something, I used to
be able to put quotes around the search and it would just bring up that logo, like:
"churches chicken"
but now it will bring up any logo with churches or chicken in their name.


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I found all the NFL team logos a year ago, now I can't find anything on there. I agree that something must have changed.


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When you find the logo you want, click on it and a large version appears, then just copy and paste into where you want it.


Pat Whatley

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You know, when you buy the license right to reproduce the logo the NFL will provide you with every possible version you'll ever need.


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For sports logos this is a useful site



Yeah, and if you read the sites disclaimer, you can see why they do not offer them in vector format -- because reproduction of them is ILLEGAL without proper licensing. Why do you think Brands of the World had to take them down. Same with the Logotypes.ru site. They both used to host authentic logos, until they got in trouble for doing so.


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Hi everyone..Stumbled(had a couple of sunday beers) across this thread and wanted to add logotypes.ru is also useful for vector logos.
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